2 Lettreurs

Alexandre Saumier Demers and Malcolm McCormick began sign painting separately in 2012 and have since joined forces as 2 Lettreurs. Alexandre has a strong background in graphic and type design while Malcolm is a practicing visual artist. Collectively, they bring a unique expertise in design, project management, and technical ability, allowing them to produce high quality signage and window displays quickly, and beautifully.

Both Alexandre and Malcolm are highly skilled and passionate about their craft. They strongly believe that the richness, vibrancy, and warmth of hand painted signage contributes a noticeable character to their clients’ businesses. The enamel paint used is unmatched in its brightness, range of colour, and texture—making their signs more inviting than vinyl and other synthetic alternatives.

In addition to hand painted signage, 2 Lettreurs are experienced in many aspects of a visual identity. They encourage businesses interested in branding and design to consider them for both concept and production.